Production of wooden components for candle manufacturers


My name is Andrey!
I have been the founder and head of the workshop since 2018.

The workshop is 95% loaded with orders for glass lids. In production, 3 types of wood are used: oak, beech and ash.
Also, we produce lids for glass jars, caps for aroma diffusers, candle holders.
Branding of finished products is carried out by a milling cutter or laser.
Production capabilities allow us to produce caps in thousands of copies, and guarantee delivery times.
Over the past year, more than thirty thousand pieces were made according to individual sketches.
Geography of shipments in 2021: more than 60 cities from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Hamburg.
Why a candle cap?
  • cover from dust
  • keep the flavor
  • put out a burning candle
  • serving as a stand (especially when the candle burns out in a glass beaker); a hot glass can wear out furniture, and a lid-stand, on the contrary, will save.

Caps for glasses

We produce caps for all popular candle filling glasses, as well as custom sizes.
The price of 1 piece (for a glass with a volume of 185-250 ml) is from 120 rubles without branding and oil coating.
Minimum circulation - 1 piece.
Samples are provided free of charge, only the cost of postage is paid.
We provide deferred payment for legal entities.
Wholesale prices for orders from 1000pcs
Production time 10-14 days.

Glass+cap sets

When ordering a glass +cap set, you are guaranteed to receive a lid that fits exactly the size of a specific glass.

The volume of glasses is from 50 ml to 350 ml.
The standard size of a glass for a candle is 200 ml, it is made of thick heat-resistant glass and has a bottom of 1 cm.
Reliable, durable, with smooth edges and "non-floating" dimensions. It's standard, and that's why it's perfect.
Price: a glass + a cap with a logo in a standard size without covering the lid with oil from 200₽

Caps and lids for aroma diffusers

We produce caps for different shapes of bottles and jars in standard and custom sizes.
From 1 piece. Samples are free.
The price of a cover for an aroma diffuser is from 140 rubles.
The price of a cap with a lid is 250 rubles. and 160 rubles. without cover!
Prices for large print runs are discussed individually.

Palo Santo sticks

Peruvian Palo Santo sticks with your engraving!
(engraving size no more than 2 words or 1 graphic logo)

10pcs 2000 rub

Weight of 1 stick 10-20g


Branding is possible on any product produced in the workshop.

And also on your product, purchased or manufactured in another production.

Milling engraving

price 30 rubles for 1 piece

Laser engraving

price 25 rubles for 1 piece

Individual order

the price is calculated individually based on the operating time of the machine for engraving 1 piece

Additional services

For more than 3 years, in addition to the main manufactured products, we have been taking individual orders into work.
We help beginner creative people to come up with a logo and   prepare a vector layout file, model coasters according to individual drawings.

We produce lids of various sizes and shapes, coasters and serving dishes for restaurants and hotels.

If you have an idea and most often you get a refusal in production, write to us. We will try our best to give you the answer "yes, we will".

We also often sell candle wicks and packaging.

Production process

We buy unprocessed solid wood (oak, beech, ash) through a sale and purchase transaction through the EGAIS forest system. And we have all the necessary accompanying documents for the purchased raw materials. Having familiarized yourself with the production process, you may have a desire not only to order caps for your candles from us, but also to come up with some new unique form, which we will be happy to help you make.
Tree preparation
After receiving the delivery of wood, each unfinished board is sawn in half
Removing the workpiece to the required thickness
The blanks obtained after cutting are leveled with a thickness gauge, passing several times. Thickness gauge removes knots, makes the workpiece smooth.
чпу станок
Work on the CNC machine
Using a pre-loaded file, the CNC machine cuts the cover
обработка крышек
Further, each cover is manually broken off from excess and polished. At the same stage, rejection takes place.
крышка с логотипом
Branding is applied using a milling cutter or laser.
покрытие маслом
After engraving, each cover is hand-coated with oil.

At the beginning of each Case stands a Man!
Here think!
We use our favorite things on a daily basis, they may now belong to huge famous companies, but at the very beginning, many years ago, or a few months ago, one single person came up with what we use right now!
People buy from people!
We treat each customer with attention and respect. We value your time and ours.

about DeloBar
Our company has more than 35 employees and several lines of business. The founders and leaders are Andrey and Masha Kotlyarevsky.
Under their management, restaurants in Pushkino near Moscow (Italian cafe Piachere & Jerry's Pub) and the DeloBar carpentry workshop have been successfully operating for more than 9 years.
  • Andrey Kotlyarevsky
    Workshop founder and leader
  • Masha Kotlyarevskaya
    Workshop co-founder;
    content administrator
  • Stas Semenov
    Workshop administrator and deputy of Andrey and Masha
  • Sergey Pashnin

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1
    How to order?
    Send a request for calculation using special order forms on the website. Or write a message to any convenient messenger. And also available for order calculation e-mail
  • 2
    How much does the unengraved and uncoated cap cost?
    From 120 rubles. The price depends on the size of the glass that we cover. If you do not know how to take the size, we will explain and help.
  • 3
    Engraving price?
    From 20 rubles. We engrave with either a laser or a router. The price of engraving depends on the complexity of the logo. After all, the more complex it is, the more time it takes to engrave it.
  • 4
    Цена покрытия маслом?
    20 rubles. Why cover the caps with oil?
    - to protect them from stains from hands and from candle fumes, to give the tree a very beautiful look, to emphasize the texture. We cover with German oil, which protects the wood and smells great.
  • 5
    Do you have glasses?
    We do not sell glasses separately, but we have sets: glass + cap from 200₽ apiece.
  • 6
    What about the logo?
    We will if you don't have one. If you have a logo, you can send it to us by mail in any file format, but the file must contain a vector image, "in curves, without fonts, without gradients, without strokes." This will save calculation time for future runs.
  • 7
    And what are the deadlines?
    After agreeing on all the details, the deadline for the execution of orders up to 100 pieces is within 7 days. Large print runs - about 14 days.
  • 8
    What about delivery?
    Delivery is carried out with the help of transport companies to any city! The cost of delivery is calculated depending on the city and agreed with you.
    Or you can pick up the order by self-delivery from Pushkino, Moscow region.
Feel free to write and call us. We really like to communicate.
г. Пушкино, Московская область, ул.Октябрьская д.44
Тел: +7 926 191 61 14